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Writing Process


Determining Your Goals 

The resume writing services are simply effective. Starting with a phone consultation to evaluate if your resume needs can be met by our services. 


Defining Who You Are -
Developing Your Custom Resume Strategy

Then, you will receive an invitation for a phone-interview with a professional resume writer who will prepare specific questions, after reviewing your job goal and current resume, to gather critical information which will help build a strategic and effective resume for you.


There are no forms to fill out! (Unless Preferred)

Once the necessary information has been collected to begin developing your content, your desired job description(s) will be analyzed, along with your  current resume, and the information from your phone interview to ensure that the resume's content will include critical and sufficient keywords to make it standout in automated HR systems or when viewed by a live reader.


Unlimited Writer Time and Edits

After the phone interview, you will receive the first draft of your new resume in less than a week and you have up to seven days to provide feedback. You can provide feedback using the online document tool we provide, by email, or over the phone - choose what method works best for you and your schedule. After you provide input on the initial resume draft a revised draft will be available to you within 48 hours. There is no limit to the number edits you may request of the writer; satisfaction is guaranteed.


Final Documents - Keyword Rich and Ready to Use

The final, professionally-written resume will be delivered to you in Microsoft Word, PDF, and ACSII (text) format. The text version of your resume makes it easy to copy and paste the content into emails or online application system fields. It reduces the risk of an Applicant Tracking System's (ATS) inability to read and parse your resume's content, and removes the hassle of reformatting the content once pasted into other applications.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Final payment for our services is not requested until after you're happy with the resume content. Payment may be made using a PayPal account or a major bank card. Once we receive final payment, you will also receive a copy of the guide to "10 Effective Job Search Tips and 10 Critical Interview Techniques". The guide will help you think through your job search strategy using up-to-date methods, set appropriate goals to keep yourself on track and be prepared to impress during an interview!

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