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Hi.  Thank you for visiting the site and considering the services. I am a professional writer who aids clients in achieving their next career goal by listening to their career objectives and delivering content that generates interviews and true first impressions.


Services are Flexible to Your Needs


My mission is to support you by providing strategic services to meet your goals - whether by creating persuasive content for a new resume, conducting job interview coaching, or creating unique career communications. What type and level of service and support I provide is up to you. When you select my writing services, you'll notice a difference in the development process. The anchor in the content development is creating content and designs that trigger the desired image(s) and emotional responses from potential employers or customers.


  • How do you want readers to instantly perceive you?

  • How do your skills culminate into resume content that threatens competition?


  • Do you have unparalleled leadership skills? Or, can you negotiate even the most implausible situation like a modern-day Houdini?


I am curious about your story and we want to compel others, through carefully crafted content, to take the right action.  That's right, I don't want to simply write words - I want to partner in building a career image that reflects your unique working-style, career experience and personal brand to communicate a message that is meaningful for you, potential employers, and your colleagues.


Sales, Marketing and Copywriting Skills


I bring a combination of skills in writing, sales, communication, marketing, SEO, recruiting, requisition systems, interviewing techniques, and hiring processes. This all culminates into champion content.  


Professional Associations


I am a member of The Professional Résumé Writers & Career Coaches Associations, a Certified Employment Interview Coach, and Certified Copywriter. My affiliation with professional career organizations ensures that resumes that I draft for clients meet national standards.  What's more, this network of professionals provides a resource to pair clients with the best writer for their needs - even if the work is ultimately performed by another company.  

You are welcome to contact me directly or check out the site for more information. 


Wishing you great success!  


Greta R Schneider - CEIP, CSS

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