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Job Interview Coaching

Whether you're a recent graduate or an experienced professional, you should take the time to ready your verbal, physical, and mental skills to perform you best during a job interview!

A Job Coaching Session Can Help by:

  • Making sure your interview skills and preparation techniques are top-notch.​​

  • Identifying skills or experience gaps between your resume and the job requirements, and developing the best strategy to address them during the interview.​

  • Determining your job interview strengths and weaknesses.​

  • Evaluating your answers to common job interview questions and providing feedback.​

  • Providing you a way to rehearse your interview skills, in a similar environment.​

  • Allowing you to receive constructive feedback on your verbal, physical, and overall ability to present and communicate your value to a potential employer.​

  • Building your confidence and resilience as a job search athlete!



Swimming Coach

The job interview coaching session package is  $149 and includes a strategy session and  2 mock interviews. ​ Each session is conducted with a Certified Employment Interview Professional by phone or video meeting and include:


  • 20 Minute Phone Consultation. During the consultation you and the Interview Coach will review your upcoming interview, job description, current skills, and overall needs of the coaching session.


  • A 40 minute mock interview which covers how to answer the most common types of interview questions, how to answer behavioral or situational questions with EPIC storytelling, and how to drive the narrative of the interview.​


  • A second 40 minute coaching session will reinforce areas discussed from the first. It includes a second mock-interview and debrief, so you can apply what you've learned.


  • Additional sessions are $50 each. 


Note: It is recommended that sessions are conducted and completed 72 hours prior to an actual employment interview.


Questions?   Call today for more information or to begin your FREE initial consultation.

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